New Talent Stylist Senior Stylist/ Educator
Barbered Cut
Clipper fades, and scissor over comb cuts on super short hair.
35+ 42+ 53+
Bobs and Long Hair
Above the shoulder cuts, bobs, and long layers.
42+ 52+ 65+
Advanced Cuts with Extra Time Required
Looking to make a big change? Have a ton of hair? Book this cut so we have extra time with you.
52+ 62+ 75+


(Consultations are recommended for creative and corrective colours, as well as full bleach services.)

New Talent Stylist Senior Stylist/ Educator
Root Touch Up 70+ 80+ 90+
All Over Colour (No Lightening) 85+ 90+ 105+
Highlights 90-120+ 100-130+ 115-150+
Full Balayage 140+ 160+ 190+


Styling (up or down) Blow Dry
New Talent 75+ 35+
Stylist 85+ 40+
Senior Stylist/Educator 95+ 53+

Special Services

(These services require consultations.)

Cezzane Smoothing Treatment
Express $150+
Full $275+

Permanent Wave

Great Length Extensions

La Biosthetique Hair Treatments

Protection Cheveux Complexe (restorative bond renewal system)

Oil Therapy

Detangling Treatment