Weirdo Art Print - Kitchen Nook

Kyla is a former (but really forever) member of the Shampoo Family. She is an incredibly talented artist and we are so honoured to be able to showcase some of her work. We hope you will love displaying these incredibly expressive prints in your home.

9.5 by 9.5 inch Giclee prints on archival paper. Drawn using Adobe Fresco on an ipad.

These pieces are thoughtfully priced with quality and value in mind. As such, prints are excluded from our site wide sale.

A bit from Kyla -

My love of seeing people’s homes and interior design Instagram accounts (especially a renovation account) turned into drawing my own imagined and pattern filled interior spaces.

Weirdo Kitchen Nook and Weirdo Living Room came from trying to merge two drawing styles. Taking the detailed and deliberate technique I use for interiors and injecting in Weirdos which began as a more intuitive drawing method.

The first Weirdo’s emerged from doodling a shape and shading it in and then developed into characters as I made up rules for how they function in space. For example, they have super bendy arms that tuck in and out of their bodies and they maintain a serious manicure. The Weirdo’s are now little furry mood’s and as I began putting them into scenes they’ve also gotten stuck living that lockdown life.