(Each stylists haircut prices can be found on their individual pages)

New Talent Stylist Senior Stylist/ Educator
Barbered Cut
Clipper fades, and scissor over comb cuts on super short hair.
35+ 42+ 53+
Short Hair and Pixies
No longer than ear length, but requires detailed work beyond clippers.
38+ 48+ 65+
Bobs and Long Hair
Above the shoulder cuts, shorter bobs, and long layers.
42+ 52+ 72+
Advanced Cuts with Extra Time Required
Looking to make a big change? Have a ton of hair? Book this cut so we have extra time with you.
52+ 62+ 80+


(Consultations are recommended for creative and corrective colours, as well as full bleach services.)

New Talent Stylist Senior Stylist/ Educator
Root Touch Up 70+ 80+ 90+
All Over Colour (No Lightening) 90+ 95+ 105+
Highlights 95-140+ 110-170+ 125-200+
Full Balayage 140+ 170+ 200+


Styling (up or down) Blow Dry
New Talent 75+ 35+
Stylist 85+ 40+
Senior Stylist/Educator 95+ 53+

Special Services

(These services require consultations.)

Cezzane Smoothing Treatment
Express $150+
Full $275+

Permanent Wave

Price upon consultation

Sew In Weft Extensions

Price upon consultation

La Biosthetique Hair Treatments

Protection Cheveux Complexe (restorative bond renewal system)

Oil Therapy

Detangling Treatment

Our Pricing Structure has changed

Part of this change was planned to come into effect on April 1st, and has been something we have wanted to do for a long time. This new model puts emphasis on pricing tailored to your individual needs, the length of time your appointment is booked for, and the amount of hair colour that is used for you (if applicable).

This new pricing structure was born from our desire to be as transparent as possible in the way we charge for our services, and our desire to move forward to a more gender-neutral model.

Our new model means that some services will be priced higher than they were before, some will cost less, and some will stay the same. Essentially, we are increasing the options available so we can tailor your service and the charge to you. Instead of trying to fit each service into only two categories.

Since Shampoo opened, a “product charge” was included in each colour service. This covered the cost of colour, foils, brushes, bowls, and all the other items needed for a colour service. We have never increased our product charge, despite the cost of materials going up. We have decided that a one size fits all charge is no longer the best option.

We have removed the product charge from the base price of each colour service, and will now charge only for the product that is actually used during your service. Again, this means some services will cost a little more, some a little less, and some will stay the same.

We think this is the fairest way to charge for services rendered, and will allow our stylists to offer services that are completely customized to your needs and your budget.

Moving forward after our COVID-19 closure. We have decided not to add a “COVID” charge to our bills. This would help offset the costs incurred by purchasing protective equipment, as well as revenues lost due to increased cleaning time. In lieu of that, we have decided to move each of our stylists up a price level. By doing this, the salon will be able to recover some costs, but our stylists will also be able to recover some of their increased expenses and lost revenues. This salon is commission based, and we would not feel right introducing a measure that would only benefit the salon, and not it’s commission based staff.