So many salons, so little time. When you walk in the doors of Shampoo Hair Bar, you’re not just getting the best of the best, you’re getting amazing hair salon service done a little bit differently.

While we aim to offer haircuts, colour services, treatments, and styling that are a cut above the rest, there are also a few additional components that set Shampoo Hair Bar apart from other hair salons in Victoria, in addition to our penchant for all things colourful, creative, and fun of course. 

Pricing Is Based on Your Hair, Not Your Gender

Our haircut pricing model is totally different from what you’d find at a traditional salon in that, our haircut prices are never based on gender. Rather, salon services are differentiated by length of hair, type of style, and expertise required. Our front desk team is happy to help you find the stylist on our team that best suits your style, whether you’re trying to grow out a pixie with grace, shape a super cool shag, cut a cool crop, or barber the hell out of your hair.

A more traditional salon will set prices for haircuts and style services for men and women. A Unisex hair salon is a more inclusive salon model we’ve adapted as our pricing structure. This also means more options available so we can tailor your service and the charge to you, instead of trying to fit each service into only two categories that really have nothing to do with your hair. Simply put, we want to provide a space where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. That’s because…

Community Is Key

Our success is built upon the support of our clients and the community around us. That’s why we choose to support local initiatives like The Wear 2 Start Society and The Foundry Victoria and intentionally carry products made by local businesses and/or owned and operated by women. Our local community has been fundamental to Shampoo Hair Bar since we were founded in 2006 (has it really been that long?), and remains one of the reasons we’re the best hair salon in Victoria today. 

No Wasted Product

Yes, we’re creative, and yes we like to have fun, but we also really enjoy being as meticulous as possible when it comes to our environmental impact. The hair salon industry is not well regarded for its carbon footprint, so we make sure that all colours are measured and weighed before and after every appointment. Any waste is noted by the gram so that we can use less on your next visit. Additionally, soft plastics are taken into a recycling facility regularly and all of our staff are committed to separating recycling, compost, and waste. At the end of the day, we are always striving to do better for our community and for the environment and are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of supplies we need and look for new uses for the things we already have.

Visit Us!

So if you want an uber-creative, welcoming salon atmosphere that values community, climate, and camaraderie, then come pay us a visit; we can’t wait to be your new favorite hair salon in downtown Victoria!

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