Continuing Education For Stylists

A woman in a yellow sweater pushed her hair back during workshop for hair stylists

We want to be the best stylists we can be

Intimate, fun, and practical. Our Shamp education team does things a little differently. We believe in mentorship, collaboration, and choosing your own adventure.

In an industry with ever-changing trends, continuing education for stylists is a necessity. Our philosophy is that education fosters creativity and grows inspiration. Taking classes brings new practical skills to our everyday services, as well as inspires us to take new risks and create our own Shamp trends.

We don’t just offer classes for cuts, colours, and learning the same old things. We seek out education that pushes boundaries and pushes us out of our comfort zone. Our Shamp classes include things like creative braiding, backstage styling, colour correction, and *gasp* public speaking. 


A man in a floral dress holds hair products during a continuing education workshop for hair stylists

We can't do it all, but it's fun to try!

A well-rounded and ever-changing line-up of continuing education means our stylists are prepared for anything, and we think this helps them to continue to love the industry and see their careers in a new and exciting light. 

In addition to monthly education classes for all of our stylists, we offer an intensive apprenticeship program that aims to build brand new Shampfam members from the ground up! This program is highly curated by our team of mentors in collaboration with each individual student.

Students are given the space to choose their favourite things to work on while learning a super solid technical skill base to set them up for a long and successful career. Bringing new and talented stylists into the industry is something we are extremely passionate about. Each stylist brings their own individual energy to our salon and we love that we can share our resources with new talent.

Want to join the team and try new things with us? See our career opportunities.

We are always looking for hair models to practice on. See our model page for details on service opportunities coming up in the near future.