Careers at Shampoo Hair Bar

Two women style hair in a salon


The talented and lovely team at both Shampoo Hair Bar locations is truly one of the biggest factors in our success. The work environment that we love so much would not be possible without our wonderfully eclectic group of stylists and support staff. 

Our aim is to foster a culture of inspired creativity through extensive education and a supportive team-focused environment.  We love to see our team members succeed in both career and personal goals. We are here to help you grow!

If you’re looking for a community of growth, collaboration, great hair, and good times, we are the salon for you! (See more on our Education page.)

We are now hiring for apprentices! For recent hair-school graduates, or self-taught go-getters. We'll take you through all the skills you need to build your dream career in our year(ish) long program.

Hands on classes with mentors and on-the-job experience will give you a well-rounded foundation and all the confidence you need to excel behind the chair. Full time assisting shifts are available while you gradually build up days on the floor, so you're not only learning for free, you're making money too.

What Shampoo offers:

  • Extended medical benefits
  • Competitive commission rates (that can go up... and up... and up!)
  • A professional development fund to keep you flush with tools and other necessary objects. Or pay for flights to NYC, whatever!
  • So much support from our full staff of management, front desk, assistants, and hands on ownership team.
  • Regular one on one mentorship meetings so you can stay on track with your goals. 
  • An almost constant flow of snacks, gatherings, camping trips, photoshoots, classes, and more.
  • Two beautiful locations to chose from (or work at both!) 
  • Super flexible schedules, with an emphasis on that elusive work-life-balance-thing. (4 day work week what up)
  • Vacay time and lots of it.
  • Career growth. We want you to lean in to your specialities. Management, social media, education, whatever it is that you love the most, we want you to grow into your dream career!

This long and wordy list is just the start. Honestly I really love working at Shampoo and our stylists are super happy here (and make pretty good $$ I have to say). Get in touch and I'll gush some more. 

Email to chat further about making Shampoo your new home base.