Shampoo Hair Bar FAQ

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Stylist and Hair Salon FAQ

New Talent

All of the salon’s New Talent start out as assistants to our established stylists. Assistants support other stylists throughout all aspects of service. From washing to blow-drying, they keep appointments running smoothly while gaining valuable experience. After spending time assisting and attending classes, our New Talent starts to build a client base of their own. These members of our team continue to attend classes in and out of the salon regularly and work towards perfecting their skills.

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All of our stylists have attended classes at Bb. U and have years of salon experience that allows them to deliver exceptional cut, colour, and styling services. Stylists continue to sharpen their creative eye with editorial photoshoots and other artistic endeavours.

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Senior Stylist

Senior stylists at Shampoo have all completed extensive training in different cutting, colouring, and styling techniques. They have a wealth of knowledge to offer the other members of our team and inspire us with their level of commitment to their craft.

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A salon educator is a senior stylist who has completed additional training to lead classes in the salon. These Senior Stylists bring new techniques to our team through regular group training sessions as well as one on one mentorship with our New Talent and assistants. Our salon educators are also Bumble and Bumble Network Educators. This title is earned upon completion of NE training at Bumble and Bumble University in New York and involves visiting the university on a yearly basis to stay up to date with current trends and techniques.

What is a fringe trim or clean-up?

A fringe (bang) trim is a quick service offered between haircuts. Your stylist will cut only the hair in your fringe to keep you looking your best until your next cut. A clean-up is for our short-haired guests. Your stylist will clean up around the ears and neckline. We charge $15 for these maintenance services to compensate for your stylist's time and the additional cleaning time now required to meet our standards since our reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Cancellation Policy

We appreciate a day's notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. This allows our wait-listed clients to be contacted in order for the new opening to be filled. Very little or no notice of appointment cancellation may result in a fee being applied to your next visit. We encourage consultations for colour transformations, chemical services, extension installation, or double-process services (fashion colours). A deposit or credit card may be kept on file after a consultation if a longer than normal appointment booking is necessary to achieve your desired result. Call or email to cancel your appointment.

No Shows

Please let us know if you can't make it to your appointment. All of our stylists work on commission, and a gap in their day is extremely disappointing. We are very relaxed with our cancellation policy, and totally understand that things come up. However, if you do not check-in with us about a missed appointment, we may require a deposit to secure your next booking. No shows can really throw a wrench into our carefully scheduled days. Thank you for having consideration for your stylist and their time!


Where are you located?

We have two Shampoo Hair Bar locations. Our Fairfield location is located at 1272 May Street in Victoria. The downtown Victoria location is on 541 Johnson Street between Government and Wharf Streets.



Street parking is available at both of our locations. Watch out for a residential parking zone just across from our Fairfield location. You may be ticketed for parking in residential parking-only areas.

Our Downtown front desk team is happy to help top up your street parking for long appointments, but we may suggest utilizing one of the nearby parkades for peace of mind. There is one just around the corner on Yates street.

Hair Services Booking FAQ

About the prices displayed on our site …

All services show a starting price and can increase based on hair length, texture, or additional services rendered. Prices do not include colour product used and are charged per gram or ml. So you’re never charged for more than you needed! Please consult your stylist to chat about your budget and the cost of your individual appointment.

Can I book my very first appointment at Shampoo online?

Absolutely! However, some services are only available by consultation or by booking through our front desk. If you are unsure which service to book, get in touch! Consultations are also a great way to meet your stylist for the first time.

What is a consultation?

We set aside 15 minutes for you to meet with your stylist and chat about your hair goals. You’ll get info about pricing for your appointment, how long the process will take, how many sessions you may need, and what kind of maintenance you can expect. Consultations are recommended for big changes and first visits. They are required for chemical services (perms or Cezanne) or fashion shades, full bleach services, or corrections.

Do I need to book a separate appointment for a cut if I’m booking colour too?

No, you don’t! Some clients like to split up their hair appointments and come in for cuts on a different day from their colour. Or maybe have a preferred stylist for cuts and someone else for colour. Your wish is our command!  If you have an exceptionally thick head of hair or are looking for a big change, call the front desk and we can assist you.

I don’t see the service that I normally get, or the stylist I normally see, listed online —what do I do?

For many reasons, your stylist may be unavailable at certain times. They might be away or fully booked. The service that you typically get may only be bookable through our front desk. If booking online is your preference, we are also available through email and we can help you!

Can I cancel or reschedule?

We appreciate 24 hours' notice for any changes to your booking. Please see our cancellation policy for full details on this. We understand that things come up, and are usually pretty flexible. Something to keep in mind though is that your stylist works on commission, and will lose out if they can’t fill the spot that you’ve vacated. Please call or email to cancel your appointment. You can also adjust your appointment through your online booking account.

What happens if I don’t love my hair?

We don’t want that! Touch-ups and tweaks are always possible. We want you to love your hair and feel great after your visit. Don’t wait to get in touch. If there is something you aren’t in love with, we want to be able to fix it right away before it becomes a bigger problem or grows out too much. Usually within two weeks is ideal for any adjustments. Beyond that, your colour/cut may have started to fade and grow out, and we may end up having a bigger job on our hands. 

What’s the difference between a half head and a full head of highlights?

We get it —understanding the difference between a half and full head of highlights can be confusing when you’re not a stylist. If this is your first time getting highlights or it’s been a long time since your last appointment, we generally recommend booking a full head instead of a half. That’s because the full head means you’ll have highlights throughout your entire hair: the top, the sides, and the back! If you’re needing a half head of highlights, keep in mind that your stylist will be focusing on the top and sides of your hair and that the back section will be untouched. Remember, when in doubt, give us a call or book a consultation!

What’s included in my service?

All of our services include a complimentary wash, blowout, and style, because every service deserves a full salon experience.

If your hair requires a little extra something-something that isn’t included in your service, such as a treatment, additional toning techniques, or another add-on, we’ll always make a professional recommendation and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

If you have any questions about what services your hair goal requires, don’t hesitate to contact our team or speak with your stylist directly.


In order to maintain a limited capacity in the salon and provide adequate cleaning time, we book far fewer appointments in a day than we used to. Of course, this affects the bottom line of the salon and our commission-based stylists. We are able to offset this through careful booking and a restructuring of our prices. However, we ask that you keep this in mind when needing to cancel or reschedule. 

We encourage consultations prior to larger services to ensure that we have booked accurately. We have an extensive waitlist of clients hoping to get in as soon as possible. We may ask to hold a deposit for you to confirm colour services that are longer than normal, or if you have missed an appointment in the past. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and your positivity. We feel so lucky to have such a lovely and supportive community of clients and friends. Our front desk team is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding our new procedures or anything else!

Are face masks required? What if I don’t have one?

Masks are no longer required in the salon. While it is so lovely to see everyone's smiling face again, we want to be conscious of the differing levels of vulnerability in our community. Your comfort and safety (and that of our team) is our top priority. Your stylist is happy to wear a mask if you'd like them to, just let us know! We have lots of disposable masks should you like one.

Masks are a simple and effective way to mitigate any further risks we all may be incurring in such a social environment! So we will always be pro-mask if the need arises. If you're not feeling 100%, pop a mask on! Or call to reschedule. 

What about a vaccine passport?

Our industry has not been mandated to check vaccination status at the door. This is because you are able to keep your mask on at all times during your service (no removing your mask to eat for example). And are spaced out appropriately within the space. We are absolutely pro-vaccine, and happy to chat further about this to address any specific concerns you may have. 

Can I bring a friend or family member to my appointment? 

Please come alone to your appointment unless necessary. We have limited seating in our waiting area and need to keep our salon capacity to a minimum.

Can I arrive early for my appointment? 

Please do not arrive too early for your appointment. We don’t have a lot of waiting room. When you arrive right on time for your appointment, come to the front desk where we will greet you and bring you right into your stylist's chair.

I’ve shown some symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 5 days. Can I still come to my appointment?

Please reschedule if you think you or someone in your household might have COVID. 



Bumble and bumble hair products

Hair Product Shop FAQ

Thanks for shopping with us! We hope you find the perfect products for your hair.

If you have any questions about what might be missing from your hair care or styling routine, email or call us and we can help.


Do you carry Bumble and bumble hair products?

We are a Bumble and bumble salon and carry Bumble and bumble hair products. Our stylists will use Bumble and bumble products at your appointments too so if there is something you love, you can buy it to take it home with you.


When can I expect my local delivery?

We do local deliveries on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are happy to accommodate other days if necessary. We will get in touch with you after you've placed your order to make sure we are coming by at a good time for you.

I've selected in-store pick up, when can I come get my products?

As soon as we have received your order, we will put it together for you and send a notification that it is ready for pick up. This usually takes just an hour or two.

Please come to the Fairfield salon at 1272 May Street during open hours to pick up your order. If you need to come by at a time that the salon is closed, we may be able to help. Just leave a note and we can find a solution.

Does my stylist benefit from sales of your online store the same way that they do when I make purchases at the salon?

When you buy Bumble & bumble from us at Shampoo, your stylist sees an increase in their "professional development fund" which is used to pay for tools, education, or whatever else they might want to further their career! This is one of the many reasons to shop from a local small business rather than a big retailer.

When you shop online, leave your stylist's name in the notes field at checkout, and we will make sure that your stylist is credited for the sale.

Do you have gift certificates for hair products or services?

We do! We have virtual and physical gift cards for hair products and services. We can create a gift card for you in any amount.  You can buy our gift cards online in amounts ranging from $25 to $400.


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