A woman swishes her hair


We chose programs and organizations to support based on values that are important to us and our Shamp team. This extends from charitable contributions to the businesses that we choose to partner with for retail sales and salon supplies.


Community Involvement

Our success is built upon the support of our clients, and it is important to us to show our appreciation by giving back to our community every chance we get. Through the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association and the Downtown Victoria Business Association we are able to stay connected to community initiatives.


Social Responsibility

The organizations that we support reflect issues that are close to our hearts. 

The Wear 2 Start society helps women overcome barriers to success by providing clothing, and essential personal-care items. They also coordinate services, such as haircuts (that's where we come in) for self-identified women who require assistance in obtaining professional clothing suitable for work and life.

The Foundry Victoria offers young people 12-24 access to mental health and substance use support, primary care, peer support and social services.


We are thoughtful in how we choose retail items to carry in our salons and intentionally focus on local businesses owned and operated by women.  There are so many amazing women entrepreneurs out there to support;  supporting local women led businesses is very important to us! 


Environmental Responsibility

Our colour company, La Biosthétique, is a family business with strong environmental principles. In their own words:

“La Biosthétique believes sustainability begins with natural, raw ingredients derived from the gentlest of treatment resources while being formulated by our leading team of biochemical professionals who continuously seek advanced cosmetic technologies. Fast forward to our commitment to minimizing the impact on the environment, our entire manufacturing process from our hands to your hands, never compromises the quality or quantity of natural resources.”


Here are a few key initiatives we do daily that help reduce our environmental impact:

All colour is measured and weighed before and after use. Any waste is noted by the gram so that we can use less on your next visit. 

We are meticulous about recycling. Soft plastics are taken into a recycling facility regularly and all of our staff are committed to separating recycling, compost, and waste. 

The main thing is that we are always striving to do better. For our community and for the environment. We are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of supplies we need, and look for new uses for the things we already have.