Illuminated Colour Shampoo

4X color-safe hydration and +90% vibrancy instantly vs. untreated hair.

Live in vibrant color with amplified vibrance and shine that enhances the look of color-treated hair.

Formulated with PRO ColorShield technology, this pigment-preserving shampoo, free of sulfate cleansers, protects hair colour from fading. Plus, it helps smoothe + seal the cuticle for luminous, locked-in color.
How it works:
  • PRO Color Shield technology, designed with protective polymers, conditioning agents, and Vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant), forms a protective shield that helps lock in your color. 
  • Contains Kukui Seed Oil to help moisturize strands + add shine.
  • Balances hair's pH to seal the cuticle to help protect color vibrancy.

Finish with Illuminated Colour Conditioner for optimal results.