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Hair Colour Services

Bright blondes, rich brunettes, icy grey, or any colour of the rainbow. We offer a range of colour services to suit your style, desired level of maintenance, and your budget.


Root touch up

A root touch up is ideal for covering greys or maintaining your all over colour. Ideal maintenance is every 4-8 weeks. Could be combined with a gloss for extra shine and vibrancy.


All over colour

An all over colour service will deepen your natural colour or shift your tone. Vibrant reds, glossy brunette or black are all possible with an all over colour. Maintenance could be anywhere from 8-12 weeks, and should be combined with root touch ups to keep your colour looking fresh and natural.



When choosing a highlight service you'll see lightness right to the root. To maintain your highlighted look, appointments every 8 weeks are recommended.

  • Express Highlights (just your face framing, 10-12 foils). $95-$150
  • Half Highlights (a great maintenance appointment for over-all blondes). $120-$195
  • Full Highlights (foils all over for uniform lightness throughout). $150-$250

Lightening your hair with a balayage technique involves a more free-form placement to lighten strands where the sun would naturally hit. You'll see additional dimension with your natural colour coming through. Maintenance is recommended every 3-6 months, in combination with a toner to keep your blonde from getting brassy in between lightening sessions.

  • Express Balayage (a refresh of your money piece). $95-$150
  • Half Balayage (a great maintenance appointment for previous balayages, or just a bit of subtle lightness). $120-$195
  • Full Balayage (lightness is painted all over for a new blonde look). $150-$250

Custom Blonde
Book a custom blonde service for the "Pinterest blonde" look. A custom blonde appointment includes multiple techniques to achieve maximum lightness in one appointment.


Creative Colour & Corrections

Looking for a big change, or a fresh and fun fashion colour? Consultations are required! We want to chat about maintenance, cost, and the health of your hair prior to starting any big colour undertaking.

Bleach outs
"Global" platinum blonde from roots to ends. Involves incredible care to maintain hairs integrity during the service and achieve an even blonde.

Bleach out root touch ups should be scheduled every 4-6 weeks. Longer intervals may result in corrective colour work required.

Hourly pricing $65-$120/hr

Fashion Colours
Creative, or fashion colours include anything unnatural! Pink, blue, purple, green, anything you can imagine we can create. The sky is the limit when it comes to creative shades and placement.

For maximum vibrancy of bright or light colours, bleaching may be required, making this a "double process" service. Fashion colours don't like to stick around. So maintenance appointments could be required in as little as 4 weeks.

Hourly pricing $65-$120/hr

Going from super dark to super light? Or super light to super dark? Had enough of that punky pink? Or an emotional run in with box dye? You may require a colour correction for any number of reasons and our stylists are here to help - no judgement! Get in touch for a consultation to start your corrective colour journey.

Hourly pricing $65-$120/hr


We've got answers

Book a consultation at either of our Victoria locations to chat about cuts, treatments, what service to book, or anything else (hair related).

We love love love to talk hair and want to help you develop a haircut and care plan that suits your hair, your lifestyle, and your budget.

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