Lend us your hair

Be a model for our upcoming classes!

Education is a critical component of the Shampoo philosophy. The best way for our stylists to learn is to practice on real live heads of hair. That's where you come in! A few times a month, our educators lead classes for our apprentices where they focus on a perfecting a specific technique or style. Models for these services pay a discounted rate (or nothing at all!) to receive a fabulous service with our up-and-comers. 

See our upcoming model opportunities here:

Tuesday November 8th - Custom Short Haircuts

Looking for a change? An esteemed Bumble & Bumble educator is coming to us direct from Bb University in NYC. We are looking for a head of hair for our educator to demonstrate cutting techniques on. This cut is completely custom to you! The only requirement is hair currently longer than 'bob' length, and you must be looking for a considerable change (no trims here!) This cut is totally free, and it's going to be effortless, cool, and totally you. Get in touch!

Start time for this cut is 10:00 - time commitment is approximately 2 hours.

Our stylists are looking for models too. Practice cuts for this class are available at 11:45. 

Please email Info@shampoohairbar.com with a photo of your hair, and the class you are hoping to take part in to secure your spot. 


Things to note: Since these services are dictated by the specific class that is in session, you might not have quite as much say over the finished product as you normally would as a client in the salon. Services done during class time can also take a little longer than usual, as there might be some breaks to consult with our educator. Your service will be performed under the watchful eye of an exceptionally talented and highly trained senior stylist who will be standing by every step of the way should you have any questions or concerns.