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For special occasions or just because. Our styling and treatment experts are highly trained and passionate about their craft.

Chemical services, extensions, bridal styling services and more. We offer a full range of hair services for every day and special days.

for all of life's occasions


Shampoo blow dry
A wash and blowout includes a world class scalp massage and either a bouncy round brush, or sleek flat brush style. You'll feel brand new and ready to take on that important meeting, hot date, or book because you just don't want to wash your own hair!


Special occasion styling
An up or down do for a special day. Your wedding, your besties wedding, grad, or any really fun fancy party (we LOVE costume parties). Special occasion styling is a custom style for you and built to last all day and night.


Iron work
Add a little time with a flat iron or curling iron to your shampoo blow dry or haircut appointment. If you're looking to be just a little bit extra.


You deserve it. Your hair needs it.


Treatments aren't just a luxury, they can be essential to maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.

This molecular peptide treatment works on the peptides in the innermost cortex of each hair strand. Repairing damage from the inside out.

Ideal for all hair types. Colouring & styling aficionados will benefit from this treatment, but even "healthy" hair can feel stronger and more resilient after just one use.

K18 can be added onto any service with no additional time required.

Cezanne Smoothing
The Cezanne smoothing system is a keratin treatment that smooths hairs cuticle without changing your curl patterns.

Cezanne is great for hair that is thick, unruly, and difficult to smooth. If you love blowdrying/straightening, Cezanne will make your styling routine a breeze.

Maintenance is booked every 6-12 weeks depending on hair texture, and can be performed as a quick "express" touch up.

Cezanne appointments require a consultation. Call the salon to book.

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Salon Policies

Please read our cancellation and no-show policy prior to booking appointments.

You'll also find answers to such questions as, what is a senior stylist? And where do I park?

Wanna talk about it?

We're here to help

Book a consultation at either of our Victoria locations to chat about cuts, treatments, what service to book, or anything else (hair related).

We love love love to talk hair and want to help you develop a haircut and care plan that suits your hair, your lifestyle, and your budget.

A note on pricing

Our pricing model puts emphasis on pricing tailored to your individual needs, the length of time your appointment is booked for, and the amount of hair colour that is used for you (if applicable).

We have a strong desire to be as transparent as possible in the way we charge for our services, and our desire to move forward to a more gender-neutral model. This means more options available so we can tailor your service and the charge to you, instead of trying to fit each service into only two categories.

When it comes to colour services, we charge only for the product that is actually used during your service (measured by the gram). We think this is the fairest way to charge for services rendered, and will allow our stylists to offer services that are completely customized to your needs and your budget.

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