There’s no greater journey in life than the one in pursuit of your perfect match—that person who will listen, be patient, encourage our growth, and truly understand when we say we want our hair to be sleek, but still messy and lived in all at the same time…

The Special Relationship with Your Hairstylist

Oh, did you think we were talking about something romantic? No way, we’re talking about the actual most important relationship in life; the one with your hairstylist!

For whatever reason, finding “the one” when it comes to a hairdresser seems to be a hard-fought problem for a lot of people, but we promise our team will help you fall in love all over again (with your hair of course). 

Our Team’s Expertise

Our team can help you grow a pixie with grace, shape a super cool shag, cut a cool crop, or barber the hell out of your hair. We don’t just stay up-to-date with trends, our team all stays up-to-date with education and actual hair-cutting experience, so you’ll never be put in a situation where your hairstylist is “winging it” or trying something for the very first time. 

Since 2006, we’ve aimed to foster a culture of inspired creativity through extensive education and a supportive team-focused environment that delivers haircuts suited to each individual who walks through our doors. A well-rounded and ever-changing line-up of continuing education means our stylists are prepared for anything, and we think this helps them to continue to love the industry and see their careers as a place to be creative, have fun, and keep the good vibes turned up to a 10. 

We like to be fun and creative, but we also sincerely want to be the best stylists we can be, and that’s why education matters so much to our team. 

Our philosophy is that education fosters creativity and grows inspiration. So, we continue to take classes to bring new practical skills to our everyday services and inspire us to take new risks and create our own Shamp trends. Truthfully, we don’t focus on one type of hair or one style of haircutting. Rather we aim to be experts in helping individuals express themselves through hair, no matter what their style may be. None of that would be possible here, or at any other hair salon without a real commitment to continuing education. In addition to monthly education classes for all of our stylists, we offer an intensive apprenticeship program that aims to build brand-new Shampfam members from the ground up. This program is highly curated by our team of mentors in collaboration with each individual student.

Visit Us!

If this sounds like the commitment to excellence and great vibes that you’ve been looking for, then come pay us a visit; we can’t wait to be your new favorite hair salon in downtown Victoria! Don't hesitate to call with any questions, at any time.

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