Definition: A (very clever) portmanteau of “Shampoo” and “camping”. And our annual staff retreat/getaway/weekend of debauchery.

A tradition that started in 2008, every year we load up the cars and head to Lake Cowichan for two nights of smores, games, and really whatever else we feel like doing. Shamping gives us an opportunity to bond as a team outside of work, and show off our competitive sides during a battle for the Shamping Cup. 

Why wait all year for just one holiday party? This annual tradition was started because apparently we just can’t get enough of team get-togethers. Our owners and founding team members have a soft spot for camping (some even go for 10+ day trips at a time!). And most of us are a little too loud for indoor events. Some wild time at the lake is the perfect summer tradition for this group of west coast wild things. We set up our campsite with fairy lights, paper lanterns, and beach cabanas to make this a luxury “glamping” experience.

This year our camp-out featured such activities as a “chopped” cooking challenge (with some… interesting… ingredients), and an “anything-but-cups” party. Where each team member brought their own definitely-not-meant-to-be-a-drinking-vessel, to drink out of! Teams also battled it out in a flip cup tournament, and a highly contentious relay race. 

Shampoo Alumn Kyla has designed an incredible “Camp Shamp” logo for us to use on all of our camping gear. This logo is not only super cute, but represents the awesome view from our lakeside campsite at the very end of Lake Cowichan. We are so grateful for our talented team, and the forever team members that allow us to drag them along to team events even after they are no longer on the payroll! Grab your Camp Shamp crewneck to keep the summer camp vibes going until next summer!

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