There are a lot of treatment options available for your hair, and you might be thinking - do I really need these extras? The answer is yes and no. You may not need a million hair products to create the looks you want, or achieve your wildest hair goals. But receiving regular salon treatments, or using masks at home might just help your hair become more manageable. Allowing you to rock your natural curls, grow out that lob, or be as blonde as you want to be.

I’ll never dissuade you from performing a little extra self care in the form of retail therapy or a luxurious hair mask. However, fine, healthy hair often doesn’t need a lot of extra moisture. In fact, oils can coat and weigh down your hair, causing more problems than they are solving. Coconut oil for example can cause protein buildup in some hair types. This blocks your strands from accepting any more moisture. Which can actually make hair more brittle and dry than before you slathered it in oil.

If you don’t colour your hair, and aren’t noticing breakage or too much frizz, you might be able to skip a step and forgo salon or home treatments. Instead opting for regular haircuts and maybe a heat protectant to stave off any future damage. 

For everyone else though, we’ve got a treatment for you.

For the bleach-inclined: take home Bumble and Bumbles Bond Building Repair Treatment. This incredible conditioning mask revives dry damaged hair and works to repair broken bonds in each strand. This treatment is an in-shower essential if you’re on a blonde journey, or looking to grow your hair to mermaid lengths. The best part is one bottle will last for ages and is so easy to incorporate into your routine. Just use in place of conditioner and leave in for an extra couple of minutes. 

For the long and tangly types: La Biosthetique Detangling treatment. This quick 5 minute serum is applied at the sink during a cut or colour service. It’s a super easy way for your stylist to help create more manageability between haircuts. It works by smoothing the cuticle to create silky shine and much easier combing and styling. This treatment lasts 2-4 weeks and you’ll love the way your hair feels. 

For the super unruly hairs: Cezannes smoothing treatment. It’s not straightening, its smoothing. Think of your coarse flyaway hair as a bumpy country road. The Cezanne treatment paves it smooth, it doesn’t straighten out the bends. You’ll find your hair easier to style, with frizz reduced. It's your hair, but better. This treatment is perfect for those who love a super smooth blowout but don’t want to work quite so hard at it. 

Chat with your stylist about treatments next time you're in! Or check out our at-home options right here.

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