We are Bumble and Bumble fanatics. And we think you will be too! There are so many reasons why we have stuck with Bb products for so long, and it's not just because they work so well. Read on to learn a little bit more about why we are so committed. 

Bumble works with stylists

The Bumble & Bumble flagship in NYC is a super cool hub of style and innovation. Their headquarters in The Meat Packing District is not only 3 floors of University space, it's also a huge salon and product testing ground. Stylists and educators at the salon get to test every single new product before it hits the shelves. To guarantee that stylists (& their clients) are going to love it. 

They innovate

Bumble & Bumble is constantly adding (and removing) products from their line. The product development team keeps a close eye on new technologies and ingredients to improve their offerings. Old products that have become outdated are reformulated or removed to ensure that you're always getting the best products we can offer. They've also removed ingredients from their lists that have become environmentally unsustainable. 

They promote education

Bumble and Bumble has a huge continuing education program called BbU. Located in the heart of Manhattan, this cutting edge University offers new and exciting classes every year. Ranging from editorial styling, to razor cutting, to business and social media management. BbU covers everything you need (and then some) to become the best stylist you can be. They even include classes on education, so that our stylists can become stellar mentors for their peers. 

Going to BbU is not only a great opportunity for career growth, it's really really fun. We try to send our stylists to NYC just about every year (global pandemic not withstanding...). Can you imagine a better way to bond with your coworkers?! We get to take in iconic sights, eat the most amazing food, and walk until our arches fall (literally). It's an incredible experience that makes close friends out of team mates. 

We get to grow!

By being a Bumble & Bumble exclusive salon, our stylists grow their "professional development fund". Rather than a retail commission, each stylist grows a fund that allows them to pay for classes (and trips to New York!), or tool upgrades (hello Dyson!).

By shopping at your local salon, your favourite stylists benefit so much. Every member of our team loves to personally design a hair care routine that fits your budget and lifestyle. And in return, you're supporting their career growth.

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