As a greasy haired girl, I feel like I’ve tried everything to save myself from washing Often dry shampoos can leave hair feeling crispy, looking dull, or create a ton of buildup on your scalp.

During my journey I’ve learned a few tips and tricks that might help.

Going a few days between washes is beneficial to your hair and helps streamline your morning routine. Your hair is being exposed to fewer hot tools, and has the chance to produce some natural oils. Which helps moisturize your scalp and hair shaft. Your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet. So less time wet = less potential for breakage. 

The best place to start is by absorbing oils before they have the chance to make your hair look like an oil slick. 

Use Bb Allstyle Blowdry at the roots (before blow drying OR air drying). It helps absorb oils with microfine powders to keep oil in check right out of the shower. This isn’t technically a dry shampoo, but it makes a huge difference without adding any dry products later on. 

My biggest tip: The night after you’ve washed, apply dry shampoo (Bb Pret-A-Powder) before bed. You can add a little or a lot. Your tossing and turning will help distribute the product leaving no white cast by morning. By applying this product when your hair is still relatively oil-free, you’ll be nipping your greasy root problem in the bud. And you’ll wake up with like-new hair, ready for a quick brush and go.

After a workout (or in my case, a humid af walk to work), use a “wet” dry shampoo (Showerless shampoo?). Like this Bumble and Bumble post workout spray. The two-phase mist not only freshens your roots but it also neutralizes any unpleasant sweaty smells. Hit your roots with a quick blast from the blowdrier, or shake and air dry for a refresher on the go. You could also use this product right out of the shower for preemptive oil control. 

The last line of defense - an aerosol dry shampoo. This product won’t impart quite as many oil absorbing ingredients as the loose powder formulation, but is so great for quick touch ups. I keep one in my bag for when I probably should have washed my hair that morning, but didn’t. It can leave a bit of a white cast, but as a trade off, gives great volume to hair that might be getting a little limp.

How long have you gone between hair washes? Let me know your favourite wash day-deferral techniques!

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