Alright that title is a little dramatic, but seriously, switching to a high quality styling brush really levelled up my styling routine.

Here's why you might want to invest in a dedicated styling brush for your at-home blow-drys.

First, let's talk bristles. 

Boar bristles are the name of the game. Boar bristles are humanely harvested from domesticated animals, much like shearing a sheep. Boar hair is similar in structure to our hair, made of keratin.

Boar bristles are ideal for creating tension in your blow-dry. Which, often, is the key difference between your stylists work, and your own. By holding the hair and creating tension, you can more effectively smooth and straighten your strands. As well as create volume from the root. 

The structure of boar bristles and their placement on the brush allows for ideal tension without snags. Blowdrying hair under tension creates shine and strength by closing the hairs cuticle, and distributing your natural oils from roots to ends. Keeping your strands healthy and well conditioned - and reducing oil build up at your scalp. You'll end up having to wash your hair less (score) and it feels ahh-mazing to use one of these bad boys on your scalp (lightly).

And what about nylon?

Don't be afraid of this synthetic addition. Nylon bristles transform a boar bristle brush into an all around styling powerhouse. If your brush is 100% boar, it's probably better for brushing dry hair (Marsha Brady style).

Nylon is essential for detangling. These stronger, more rigid bristles can penetrate tangles and glide right through. 

Now onto how this brush changed my life. 

I can blow-dry my hair in no time flat. Seriously. I used to rough dry to get most of the moisture out, then go in with my round brush, and then use a flat iron or curling wand to smooth and create some semblance of a style. Whew! All together that run around took me about 30 minutes.

The La Bio flat brush has combined all three steps into one super streamlined blow-dry. In just under 10 minutes, I'm left with smooth, bouncy, styled hair. And it lasts, and lasts, and lasts. Setting in a style that lasts way longer than my previous run around. 

Our final tip: remember to do a deep clean of your brush monthly with a clarifying shampoo to remove oil and product buildup. 

There are a ton of great brush options out there - Maison Pearson being a fave of stylists and royals a like. 

The La Biosthetique styling brush is our personal favourite.

It's something you'll have for years to come. If you've been feeling like your styling could use a little polish, definitely try this. Oh and a heat protectant. Always use heat protectant. 





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